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Caroline Rocheleau is an Egyptologist, an archaeologist, a Nubiologist, and the curator of ancient art at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Oh! And she’s also a very proud Canadian. Caroline studied ancient Egypt and Nubia for so long the University of Toronto gave her both a Master’s and a PhD. She’s also received a BA in art history and a degree in art (she can’t paint to save her life but is pretty good at drawing). At the Museum she takes care of all the ancient art, does research on the collection, gives lectures, goes to conferences and visits other museums, writes articles, books, and blog posts, plans exhibitions, and goes to a lot of meetings. When she wants to run away from it all, she grabs her Tilley hat and her trowel and goes off on a dig.

Where Did Bacchus Go?

Caroline introduces a fresh look at a classical sculpture

Celebrate Museums and Share a Memory

The NCMA takes part in a world-wide museum celebration May 18.

A Date with Egypt

Ancient Egyptian secrets uncovered: an invitation for kids and families

Time for Your Close-Up, Golden Boy

Golden Boy visits the photography studio

This Week in the Egyptian Gallery

The Egyptian Gallery is roped off this week–Caroline gives us the story

Questions from the Galleries

Caroline answers some common questions from the galleries

Due to the Sensitive Nature…

Caroline (finally!) tells all about a monumental archeological discovery in Sudan.

New Museums

Caroline visits the Egyptian collection at the just reopened Neues Museum in Berlin.

Golden Boy: Eureka!

Next in the continuing adventures of our mummy covering (a.k.a. The Golden Boy), Caroline has a moment of inspiration.

A Trip to the Doctor for Our Mummy

Curators and conservators get a rare look inside an object from the Egyptian Collection.