What better way to experience the permanent collection and special exhibitions at the North Carolina Museum of Art than through a guided tour?

Let Us Be Your Guide

Want to explore the Museum or Park with friends, family, or colleagues and a trained volunteer guide? Talk with each other about art, artists, and the creative process in a one-hour tour of the permanent collection, a special exhibition, or the Museum Park. Schedule four or more weeks in advance. See suggested options below.

Teachers, imagine a classroom filled with astonishing sculpture from Africa, a real mummy coffin from ancient Egypt, a sculpture of Hercules from ancient Rome, portraits of America’s founders painted by artists who actually knew them, masterpieces from around the world (to discuss in French and Spanish with your students), challenging and thought-provoking contemporary art that’s off the wall and on it! In spectacular West Building, the art and history of the world cultures await you and your students. Reserve a tour now in the state’s largest, most exciting classroom: the North Carolina Museum of Art. Schedule a tour here with our Tour Request Form.