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Ashley Weinard is an Educator at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She attributes her career choice to the long hours she spent as a child dutifully following her mother (a high school English teacher) through countless museum galleries and historic houses. She studied Renaissance art history at Vassar College (did you know it’s co-ed?) and the Institute of Fine Arts (ideally located across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Thanks to jobs in museum education at The Frick Collection and the Art Institute of Chicago, she discovered working with students and teachers was more fun than hiding away in library stacks and studying curatorial files. If you give her a few minutes, she’ll talk your head off about the state of NC schools, symbolism in Italian altarpieces, cool things to do with your preschooler, and why she’s dying to visit Bora Bora.

A Little Color Can Go a Long Way

Take part in the Grand Opening Festival and make a difference in North Carolina classrooms

Visitor Voices: Congregation

Rocquel Erman, a Chatham County teacher reflects on Ledelle Moe’s Congregation: This summer while attending a workshop entitled The Art of Collaboration at the North Carolina Museum of Art, I wandered over to a bench, sat down, and quickly became mesmerized by two women that appeared to work at the museum. One was dressed casually [...]