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What’s in a Nickname?

Fefi, you’ve mentioned nicknames in your posts, and I thought I would pitch in and show your readers the grouping of hieroglyphs that means “his beautiful/good name.”

These hieroglyphs can be written before or after the person’s nickname, depending on how it is used in the sentence.

The first sign is an open mouth (the sound R) and below it a zigzag that represents water, which has the value N (easy to remember N like in Nile, the most important source of water in Egypt). And your readers may recognize the last horizontal sign . . . yes, the F-sign like in Fefi!

The vertical sign has the value “nfr.” To help pronounce it, add the vowel E in between the consonants: n . . . e . . . f . . . e . . . r. Your readers may be familiar with this word because it is used in the name of the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti! “Nefer” means beautiful or good.

This whole grouping is actually a short phrase with a noun (rn = name) and a possessive adjective (f = his) and an adjective (nfr = beautiful). His beautiful name.

Now, my dear Fefi, I challenge all your readers to go look for that special little phrase on your false door!

(The hieroglyphs in this blog post are made possible thanks to JSesh, an open source hieroglyphic editor.)

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