The Art of Describing Art

Visitors enjoying an audio-described tour at the NCMA

I completed audio description training last year, and it made me realize how important details are to someone who has low vision or is blind. I asked my fellow coworkers what they thought of the audio description training:

Felicia: The audio description training was extremely eye-opening for me. It allowed me to look at my work in an entirely new way, to try to envision it from the point of view of a person with low vision. I learned so much from Arts Access and the guests they brought in for us to work with.

David: I left the training with a better understanding of the challenges facing visitors who are blind or have low-vision. More important, I came away with tools to improve the way I communicate the wonders of the Museum Park to these individuals. That’s exciting!

What is an audio description tour? Watch this video to get a feel for the art of describing art.

How do you see audio description helping you better serve our visitors?

Felicia: I hope as the Museum begins to add more video and digital content to our exhibitions, I can add audio description so it can be available for people with low vision. I really think that the way I look at my work will be changed after being a part of this truly amazing training.

Audio descriptions of movies or video allow the original soundscape to come through, as in this audio-described trailer for Frozen.

David: For the Museum this improved approach will underscore our focus on Art, Nature, and People. Park tours have always enabled group after group of participants to enjoy our unique outdoor space. Now we can offer tours that allow visitors who are visually challenged to experience our fabulous Park.

If you would like to learn more about audio description or would like your performance or program audio described, contact Arts Access.

Robert L. Mlodzik
Robert L. Mlodzik is manager of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility at the NCMA. Do you or a family member need a general accommodation for your visit? Email him at Robert.Mlodzik@ncdcr.gov or call (919) 664-6743.

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