Friends of Greek Art

The ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman collection (“classical art”) at the NCMA provides visitors with a survey of art covering more than 3,000 years and much of the Mediterranean. It comprises works of art from ancient Greece at different periods: Cycladic, Mycenaean, Geometric, and Classical, which features the greatest number of objects. The ancient cultures of the Villanovans and Etruscans in what is now Italy are also represented alongside works of art from different parts of the Roman Empire.

Marble statues of heroes, emperors, gods, and goddesses displayed with ceramic vessels painted with remarkable skill enrich the visit of adults and children, offering insight into history, artistic techniques, philosophy, and the lives of ancient personalities.

A stroll through the Steve and Frosene Zeis Classical Court and Gallery will inspire you to …

  • Discover the cultural and artistic similarities and differences between ancient Mediterranean civilizations.
  • Explore ancient myths featuring well-known gods, goddesses, and heroes.
  • Enjoy the beauty and remarkable preservation of some of the Museum’s most ancient works of art.

The Friends of Greek Art, a volunteer group affiliated with the North Carolina Museum of Art, supports the Museum’s collection of ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman art by:

  • Donating funds and fundraising to acquire and install important new works for the collection.
  • Serving as advocates for the Museum and the ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman art collection throughout the state and region.
  • Continuing to build a permanent endowment in support of ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman art.
  • Presenting an annual lecture related to ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman art and culture

Future support from the Friends of Greek Art will enable the Museum to:

  • Obtain long-term loans from public and private collections in the United States and other countries.
  • Present special exhibitions related to ancient Greece, Italy, and the Roman Empire.
  • Offer technology-based educational programs for teachers, students, and lifelong learners.
  • Cultivate collaborations with North Carolina colleges and universities.

The Friends of Greek Art offers the opportunity to honor and remember a family member or friend through the donation of funds to acquire important ancient Greek, Italian, and Roman works of art or to underwrite related educational and outreach programs.


For more information about donating or to join the Friends, contact FOGA@ncartmuseum.org.

To make contributions to the Friends of Greek Art or the Friends of Greek Art Endowment:

Make an online donation or contact

Erin Cleghorn
Director of Development

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