Five Great Quotes about Art and Basketball

The NCMA celebrates March Madness with inspiring quotes that relate to both art and basketball. Visits from mascot celebrities Rameses, the Blue Devil, and Mr. Wuf underscore the connection between hoops and high culture. Is it any wonder we call inside shots “points in the paint”?


“I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves era to era.”

–Michael Jordan, athlete

“I loved that outrageous, creative style of city ball. ‘Logic is the death of art,’ they taught me at Yale. Maybe in basketball, too.”

–Ken Howard, actor


“I’m just going to play whatever game is in front of me.”

–Tim Duncan, athlete

“I trust my hand.”

–Kara Walker, artist

“The main thing is to relax and let your talent do the work.”

–Charles Barkley, athlete

Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly is senior editor at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

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