Mike Kelley

Title Mike Kelley
Date: 2007
Dimensions: Dimensions variable; duration: 8 min. loop
Credit Line: Gift in honor of Dr. Lawrence J. Wheeler, director of the North Carolina Museum of Art (1994-2018) from Julian T. Baker Jr., Rhoda L. and Roger M. Berkowitz, Dr. Thomas D. Brammer and Mr. Robert S. Watson, Angeline J. Bryant, Blake Byrne, Marion Johnson Church, Paul Edward Coggins, Dr. W. Kent Davis, Joyce Fitzpatrick and Jay Stewart, Dr. Carlos Garcia-Velez, Marty Hayes and Michael Cucchiara, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Hayes, Eric and Tara Hirshberg, Ian Huckabee, Bill G. Johnson, Thomas S. Kenan III, Suzanne R. McKinney, R. Glen Medders, Dr. Cynthia S. Payne, Melissa Peden and Robert Irwin, Susan L. Petry, Michael Rubel and Kristin Rey, Kimerly Rorschach, Jeffrey Williams and Patrick Sears, Allen G. Thomas Jr., Caroline Hickman Vaughan, Robert A. Sandefur and Robert P. Venuti, Drs. Zannie and Glenn Voss, Caroline and Richard Wright, and James Walker Crow; Technology funded with generous support from IBM Corporation
Object Number: 2009.14
Classification: Video
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