Teens, Inspired: Multifaceted

May 27–October 27, 2023
North Carolina Museum of Art

How do you show up in the world? What part of your identity do you share with your peers, your teachers, your family? Teen artists were asked to reflect on how their personalities manifest in different spaces and with varied social groups in order to create a work of art that likewise drew inspiration from multiple works in the People’s Collection at the NCMA.

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Through the multifaceted lenses of these young people, the exhibition examines memory, anxiety, societal expectations, and cultural explorations of identity. Coming from students in places as far-reaching as a middle school in Cherokee County, NC, and a high school in Richmond, VA, the showcased works give us this glimpse into the creative processes of up-and-coming artists.

Image: Kiara Gantt, Fixation, 2022, oil and acrylic paint pens on canvas, 18 ´ 24 in., Courtesy of the artist

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