Jason Mitcham Video Installations

January 9, 2015—April 12, 2015
North Carolina Museum of Art
“These animations began from a need to incorporate time into a painting involving a specific site,” artist Jason Mitcham has stated. By altering his paintings mark by mark, Mitcham is able to add both a sensation of time and the fluidity of movement to an otherwise static art form. Each brushstroke—adding up to hundreds or thousands for each video he creates—is meant to “bridge the one before it and the one that will follow it,” he says.

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“More than likely it will be overlaid later on, by other marks needed to tell another part of the story.” Hence his paintings are in a constant state of flux throughout their animated life—a strange yet freeing sensation for both artist and viewer, as their notions of what a painting can be are ultimately challenged. “The painting must be allowed to destroy itself in order to become itself,” Mitcham says. 

Ruin Rising, 2013
Single-channel video (color, no sound)
Running time 1:35 min.
Courtesy of the artist

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, 2010
Single-channel video (color, sound)
Music by the Avett Brothers
Running time 4:20 min.
Courtesy of the artist and the Avett Brothers

Three, 2011
Single-channel video (color, sound)
Music by Meredith Varn
Running time 1:10 min.
Courtesy of the artist

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