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Park Pictures: Carolyn Janssen

New works of art on the Park billboards

Playful Pictures Turn Eye on Landscape

The Park Pictures are back; Jen has the details

For the Birds

Eric describes the installation of the Audubon gallery

The Contemporary Art Whirl

Linda reports back on contemporary art in Brazil

Inspiration for Perspiration

Meghan enjoys a run through the Museum Park

The Pond in the Park

Dan gives a quick progress report on the pond project

Deconstructing Siegel

Stacey contemplates the loss of a loved sculpture, and the bits that remain

Visiting Vollis

Jill hits the road with some colleagues to visit Vollis Simpson and his whirligig workshop.

Colors of Progress

Dan reflects on a whole spectrum of progress at the Museum in recent weeks

Art, Tradition & Memory

The legacy of a master craftsman from the mountains of North Carolina lives on in the Museum’s sleek new building.