Interchanges: Cross-Collection Conversations

Curators at the NCMA are invigorating the galleries through a series of artwork conversations we’re calling Interchanges. Recognizing the often-strict borders between art historical genres and time periods, we are breaking these boundaries and moving artworks around to challenge and interrupt preconceptions. Works chosen for “Interchanges,” marked by gray labels, offer opportunities to rethink current issues and debates. Themes to be explored include gender and racial identity, the tendency to favor Western countries in art history, geographical barriers, the traditional versus the contemporary, and the abstract versus the figurative. Interchanges faces challenging histories head on, highlights the global connections in art and their relevance to contemporary life, and celebrates the legacy of art throughout time. Visit the galleries then join the conversation on social media and debate the questions raised: tag @ncartmuseum and use #NCMAinterchanges.

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