Inside Art in Bloom

Bright birds of paradise mirror the jeweled graces in Mickalene Thomas’s Trois Femmes Noires. Arching cascades of heliconia echo the burdens of Rodin’s Fallen Caryatid.Five thousand years of art in every gallery inspire floral designers to create masterpieces of their own. The NCMA’s Laura Finan takes us inside this four-day festival of art and flowers.

“We were looking forward to something very good, but Art in Bloom has far and above exceeded our expectations. I’m telling all my friends.” –Karin, Raleigh

“The energy and excitement in the galleries is phenomenal. There’s a buzz that’s not from bees.” –Dee, Raleigh

“This is a nice crowd of flower enthusiasts. I’ve met so many people today and had great conversations about art. I wish the festival was on for a week!” –Rebecca, Siler City

“Stunning displays and ties to the artwork. The show is approachable, and there’s room to enjoy the designs and take lots of photos.” –Barbara, Raleigh

Art in Bloom, the NCMA’s four-day festival of art and flowers, runs through this Sunday. Flowers are refreshed daily as needed.

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