The Art of Science and Innovation

November 7, 2018-January 14, 2019
North Carolina Museum of Art

Images can be beautiful, and they can also be functional, recording a precious moment or unlocking a mystery. Imaging technology is a vital tool for biomedical researchers to better understand the mechanisms at work within the human body. 

Showcased in this exhibition are just a few examples of the ways UNC School of Medicine researchers use images to better understand the structures that make up an organism, visualize the tissues of the brain that make memory possible, or capture the moment when a cell learns to differentiate itself. Images like these may one day rewrite the future of medicine by providing insight into the most basic functions of the body and deepening our understanding of such diverse diseases as cystic fibrosis and autism spectrum disorder.

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Presented by UNC Health Care and the UNC School of Medicine

Kathleen Caron

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