Ideal Space student showcase

January 6, 2018—January 25, 2018
North Carolina Museum of Art

Ideal Space is a student showcase of products that viewers can interact with in a tactile and thoughtful way. The exhibition and its contents are designed, built, promoted, and curated by a small group of North Caroline State University’s College of Design students.

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The theme of the installation is “home,” and each designer or group interprets this differently. The show allows young designers to step out of their academic curriculum and explore more interactive ideas of design and to connect various groups within the North Carolina design community.

The inspiration for the Ideal Space student showcase comes from London-born designer James Irvine and the many designers he collaborated with during the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s in Italy. It was a time when design and collaboration flourished, and all sorts of objects including tapestries, electronics, ceramics, furniture, and utensils were being re-evaluated. Irvine described his practice as “ultimately guided by a concern for the end user, an independent spirit, and attention to the quality of life.”

The NCSU team writes: “As designers, we believe that the products surrounding us tell a story and that there is a constant dialogue taking place. Because of this, we want to emphasize the interactive aspect of the exhibition by including the audience as much as possible.”


Photo: Ana Maria Muñoz

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