Fall 2021 Billboards: Moataz Nasr

June 21, 2021—November 2021
Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park

Acclaimed pan-Arab artist and activist Moataz Nasr (born 1961, Alexandria, Egypt; lives and works in Cairo) creates works of art that offer a contemporary look at Egyptian society and explores often-exoticized and romanticized perceptions of the country. Via paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations, Nasr addresses current sociopolitical norms, and problems, in northern Africa.

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The NCMA commissioned Nasr to create three “billboards” for the Museum Park to accompany the exhibition Moataz Nasr: Delicate Balance. In these images the artist has collaged together photographs from in and around Cairo to explain the traditions—and contradictions—of his home country. Nasr writes, “This artwork conveys the beauty of contradiction, [things] separate yet connected. [To] evoke imaginative responses, one thing may look apparent, but things are never what they seem, and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Through different reflective angles comes limitless possibilities.”

Enjoy more works by the artist in Moataz Nasr: Delicate Balance. This exhibition presents Nasr’s video works concerning Egypt’s traditions, people, colors, and contradictions and is on view in East Building through July 11, 2021.

Courtesy of the artist and made possible by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina as part of an ongoing series of outdoor art projects, Art Has No Boundaries, commissioned by the NCMA to encourage visitors to actively explore the Museum Park.

Moataz Nasr, Untitled, 2021, digital print on vinyl, Courtesy the artist and Galleria Continua

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