Paperhand Puppet Intervention: The Meanwhile Clock and Other Impossible Dances

Paperhand Puppet Intervention presents its 22nd annual giant puppet spectacle for all ages. What time is it on the clock of the world? What do we do with the time we have? Why are horseshoe crabs so amazing? You may not get all the answers, but we’ll be diving into important questions, together … with puppets!

Masks, stilt dancers, painted cardboard, shadows, and giant puppets all come to life to live music to tell a timeless tale. We get to create this story/work/time/life with you! Help us resist “the Men in Grey” by participating in generative community celebrations. You’re invited! We hope to see you there.

Image courtesy Paperhand Puppet Intervention


Sep 23, 2022


7:00 PM


$20 Adults, $15 Students and Seniors, $10 Children


Joseph M. Bryan, Jr., Theater in the Museum Park

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For More Information:
(919) 715-5923
Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm
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