NCMA ReMixed Block Party: Monster Drawing Rally

The annual live drawing party of the year is back! Watch everyone, from emerging artists to those whose work is on display in the People’s Collection, create live before your eyes. You’ll have a chance to collect your own fresh art for only $50. Proceeds go to the NCMArts Fund to support the NCMA as it creates resources for teachers, supports artists in rural NC counties, and provides free programming for all ages at the Museum and across the state.

Artists change on the hour, and the first hour is dedicated to artists under the age of 15.

Live DJ sets by Mamis & the Papis, @mamisandthepapis
Original poems written just for you by the Poetry Fox, @thepoetryfox

Check the list below to see when your favorite artists are drawing. Also plan to see some new faces and styles.

Artists 2–3 pm
Art by Madhuri @artbymadhuri
Barb Cherry @thebarbart
Be Boggs @illustratedbe
Becky Joye @beckyjoyeart
Carlos Manuel Burgos @los_burgos
Chris Pilley @cpilley
David Eichenberger @troubleberger
Fabrizio Bianchi @fabzart21
Freddie Bell @fartworks
Ivana Milojevic Beck @ivanambeck
Jacob Trump @jacob_sketches.art
Jason Whitman @asaurthing
Jeff Bell @jeffreyrbell
John Haw sketchbookproject.com/library/S8446791
Jorren Thornton @mindxfuzz
Karen Kluttz @kitkatzenworks
Kathryn Patel @ktgpatel
Keith Norval @keithnorval
Kiki Farish @kiki.farish
Kwame Hawkins kwamehawkins.com/
Marx Myth @crackerbarrel_surrealist
Miriam Ximil @kidximil
Pepe Caudillo @bwpepe
Ronald R. Irons rrirons53.wixsite.com/watercolors
Roxanne Lorch @roxxlorfinearts

Artists 3–4 pm
Ally Haney @allycat141
Anna True @annabo.o
Antonio Alanís @antonioalanisart
Bill Koeb @billkoeb
Cameron Doby @camerondobyartist
Carrie Alter @carriealter
Christopher Woodard @krsuniverse
Constance Pappalardo @constancepappalardoart
Eric Knisley @eric.knisley
Gabrielle Brant Freeman @gabbyfree
Gia Woods @giawoodsart
Jason Lord @earlnc
JP Jermaine Powell @jpyourlife
Kalee Calhoun @kiwicalhoun
Kristin Walsby @brutalsquid
Mike Rosado @ekimodasor
Pete Sack @petesackart
Peter Marin @petermarinworks
Sarah Whitney @sbhw
Scott Eagle @eyrie_studios
Stephanie A. Freese @stephaniefreese.artist
Taylor McGee @taylormcgeeart
Veronica Markey @eelregulart
Vinita Jain @vinitajain127
Zach Storm @_zachstorm_

Artists 4–5 pm
Alia El-Bermani @aliapainter
Allison Coleman @allisoncoleman_art
Andrew Munro
Anna Podris @annapodris
BannerWood Arts @bannerwoodarts
Britt Flood @b.l.flood
Chris Musto @chris_musto_art
Eric Cabbell Jr. @Cabbell.e
Greg Baldwin @lostbearstudios
Jason DuPertuis @jdpdraws
Jeremy Darby @artifexjay
Kirstin O’Malley @muddyomalley
Laura E. Davis @laura_davis_official
Leo Barthelmess @leobarthelmessart
Lori Saylor Brewer @dichrodog
R. Babb @lifeandtimesofr
Rachel Campbell @campbellpaints
Rebecca R. Hwang @night_karasu
Rebekah Evans @beckybagel
Saudamini Madra @saudamini.madra
Sloane Siobhan @namasteloner
Steven Bednar @steven.bednar
Tony Rector @tonyrectorart
Trish Klenow @trishklenow


Oct 08, 2022


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM




West Building, North Courtyard

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For More Information:
(919) 715-5923
Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm
For More Information:
(919) 715-5923
Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm
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