Live from the Studio: Virtual Workshop, Fabric Art with Jasmine Best

This virtual workshop focuses on creating an image from one’s memory. Jasmine Best will be teaching different image-creating techniques for fabric that do not require a sewing machine. Students will learn about:

• different kinds of quick hand stitching (e.g., running stitch)
• painting on fabric with fabric friendly watercolors
• approaches to cutting and folding fabric to form specific shapes
• intentional mark making with embroidery (e.g., embroidery stitch techniques)
• how to think about color, pattern, and composition

The workshop consists of two 90-minute sessions on Saturday, May 22 and 29, 1:30–3 pm each day.

Supply List

• Watercolors or acrylic ink (brand does not matter)
• Cup of water and paper towels
• Sewing thread; 1–2 colors
• Embroidery thread; 1–2 colors
• Sewing/embroidery needle
• Embroidery hoop (small-to-medium in size)
• 2–8 pieces of fabric (can be repurposed; at least one piece around 12×12 in.; other pieces can be smaller)
• Sewing scissors
• Blue fabric pencil
• Fabric glue
• Yarn
• Optional: small beads, buttons, craft pliers, more fabric, additional thread or yarn

Photo Credit: 
Image of artwork courtesy of Jasmine Best


May 22, 2021


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Free; registration required
For More Information:
(919) 715-5923
Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm
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