Intro to Mixed-Media Acrylic Techniques with Bill Kobe

In this two-day workshop, students learn to explore various aspects of acrylic and water-based media. They work with their own drawings, learning to apply paint using glazes opaquely and gaining an understanding of direct versus indirect painting. We explore how color can be layered to create various effects and how to preserve drawings during the painting process and keep our original intent intact. Some of the materials we use include matte medium, gesso, wash, and colored pencils.

About the instructor
Bill Koeb is an American painter, illustrator, and sequential artist whose work includes illustrations for Washington City Paper, the Village Voice, and Bill Graham Presents. His paintings have been exhibited in shows in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He has illustrated stories for the Marvel Comics series Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, the Vertigo miniseries Faultlines, and Alan Moore’s song “Hair of the Snake That Bit Me.”

All supplies included

Image: Courtesy of the artist


Jul 22, 2023


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


$90 Members, $99 Nonmembers


East Building, Studio 2
For More Information:
(919) 715-5923
Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm
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