NCMA film programming consists of classic and contemporary short and feature-length films across genres, countries, and languages. The films we show promote diversity, represent the communities we serve, complement the Museum’s exhibitions and collection, and inspire, encourage dialogue, and promote a sense of belonging.

NCMA Cinema

The theme of the winter/spring 2024 NCMA Cinema season is empowerment through emotional wellness, identity, and expression. These indoor films explore how humans are empowered by seemingly endless modes of self-discovery and affirm the importance of finding and living our respective truths.

NCMA Matinee

Join us for NCMA Matinee, our indoor film series of classics from around the world. Screenings take place the first Wednesday of the month at 2 pm.

Outdoor Films

Expanding our capacity to experience joy through film, this year's outdoor selections feature fun and excitement, action and adventure, musicals and concert films, and journeys to self-discovery.


NCMA Loves Anime

NCMA Loves Anime is a series that highlights anime, a genre that has the power to showcase narratives, multifaceted emotions, and modes of creativity. Welcome, one and all, to these grand adventures!

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