Bringing Mummies to Life

One of the most enticing parts of the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition is the technology involved with the mummies. Three are featured in digital interactive stations that allow visitors to see underneath the shrouds, linen bandages, or cartonnage plaques.
Visitors viewing CT scans of mummies in the exhibition

Thanks to 3-D CT scans, which interpret the various densities and materials inside the bandages, it is possible to visualize these mummies. Using a stylus provided by the Museum, visitors are able to navigate the touch screen to learn pertinent information about the different layers of the mummy. At these stations visitors can look under the decorative exteriors, through the wrappings and down to the skin and bones. These digital stations make learning about this subject new and exciting. 

Visitors may use a stylus to explore CT scans of mummies in the exhibition.

In addition to allowing visitors to explore the mummies, the exhibition also features a digital interactive corner with three types of games. The games allow you to write your name in a cartouche, explore hieroglyphs and their translations, and learn more about the gods. The use of current technologies and gamification to uncover the past makes your visit a more visceral and potent learning experience. Through tech like CT scans and current interactive interpretation, the exhibition humanizes these mummies in ways other exhibitions have not.

Interactive games in Golden Mummies of Egypt

Visitors can see the mummies as people who had pasts and not as eternally static beings. 

Felicia Ingram
Felicia Ingram is manager of interpretation, accessibility, and diversity at the NCMA.

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  1. My neighbors came to see Bringing Mummies To Life and found it fascinating. Can you please tell me how
    long the exhibit will be at NCMA?
    Many thanks!

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