Art + Nature + People: Find Yourself at the NCMA

There’s real power in community.

Here at the NCMA, this is a guiding principle in how we’ve set about building a campus of extraordinary, welcoming experiences based in art.

When I first arrived at the NCMA, the Museum sat beside a prison for youthful offenders, the Polk Youth Center. Not so conducive to the spirit of community. Fast forward 24 years, and the Museum has become a center of cultural life for our state and beyond. It’s an intersection of art, nature, and people: galleries that feature masterpieces spanning 5,000 years, world-class musical performances, 164 acres of public art and trails that invite relaxation and reflection, and so much more.

It’s that spirit and breadth of opportunities that we tried to encapsulate in this NCMA video. You’ll see a cross-section of communities that activate the Museum every day: artists, members, families, couples, students, performers, fitness enthusiasts, children … all finding their own grooves, stories, creativity, and inspiration. All experiencing the wonder of art.

So, come. Find your art. Find your nature. Find your people. I invite you to find yourself at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

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