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Due to the Sensitive Nature…

Caroline (finally!) tells all about a monumental archeological discovery in Sudan.

What’s Under My Pillow

At Dangeil, you can sleep under the stars. That’s rather distracting because the stars look absolutely fabulous against the dark desert sky. Sleeping outside also means being exposed to the winds. Although constant in Dangeil, the wind was much stronger than usual and I opted to sleep in the Bisharin house (with four other girls). [...]

My Tilley and I

An archaeologist is probably not the most fashionable person on the planet while working in the field. There is one item, however, that gives one a very dashing air… 1) a T-shirt with CANADA written on it somewhere; 2) a light blue button-down shirt; 3) trousers with multiple pockets, accessorised with a tape measure on [...]

From the Edge of the Desert

View Larger Map After spending awhile in London doing curatorial research, I am now in the Sudan on an archaeological dig–doing research by playing in the dirt at Dangeil. This is a British Museum and National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums excavation project, but the main team is comprised of Canadian and Sudanese archaeologists. It [...]