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The Contemporary Art Whirl

Linda reports back on contemporary art in Brazil

The Pond in the Park

Dan gives a quick progress report on the pond project

Deconstructing Siegel

Stacey contemplates the loss of a loved sculpture, and the bits that remain

Celebrating a Sustainable Museum

Dan reflects on this 40th Earth Day, and the Museum’s contribution

Green Day in a Green Way

The interplay between art and nature is an integral part of the Museum experience at the NCMA. Surrounded by a 164-acre Museum Park filled with environmental works of art, it’s hard not to be aware—and in awe—of the natural landscape around us. Tomorrow, the Museum Park comes to life for Earth Day at the NCMA, a [...]

Green is the Color of Your Art Museum

It was a thrill to announce to the media on Tuesday that the new 127,000 square foot gallery building will be very energy efficient–well beyond typical engineering standards, which gives us the “green” light to register for LEED certification (I’m hoping it will be at the gold level). In addition to exceptional energy efficiencies, the [...]

Green Machine

Behold, the mighty stone thrower. Here’s a quick video clip showing the monster machine shooting a rock base into the giant cistern alongside our new building. (You can also check it out it high definition.) The cistern is an important part of our campus-wide environmental sustainability program including water conservation, storm water management and energy [...]

Bridge to Somewhere

What our staff has affectionately referred to as the “Bridge to Nowhere” has been transformed into the “Bridge to Somewhere”. This stout, well-constructed bridge began its life as a Boy-Scout project off the Woodland Trail (see map).  Unfortunately, the structure was installed 30 yards uphill of the existing trail, and it had only one entrance [...]