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A Date with Egypt

Ancient Egyptian secrets uncovered: an invitation for kids and families

Golden Boy’s Mysterious Invitation

Puzzle out a secret message from ancient Egypt

Installing Golden Boy

The story of Golden Boy’s delicate installation

Time for Your Close-Up, Golden Boy

Golden Boy visits the photography studio

Golden Boy’s Guts

Rand describes the unique mount for our Gilded Mummy Covering

From Stacey’s Kitchen

Stacey cooks up a new “mummy” for our Golden Boy.

Mini-Mummy-Me Goes to Brooklyn

In which a scale model of a mummy mount visits another art museum to get the inside scoop.

Dearest Golden Boy

A love letter to our Golden Boy, from one of his admirers in the Conservation lab

Golden Boy Gets a New Home

Next up for the Golden Boy is an appointment with the Exhibit Designer: will this be a quick renovation or a complete remodel?

Golden Boy: Eureka!

Next in the continuing adventures of our mummy covering (a.k.a. The Golden Boy), Caroline has a moment of inspiration.