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Follow Our Journey: New Stories to Tell

The Mosaic meets the Kiefer and waxes poetic once again

Follow Our Journey: Congregation in a Box

Congregation checks in with a funny photo and some great news.

Follow Our Journey: Mosaic Poetry

The Mosaic waxes poetic on place, time and change.

Follow Our Journey: The Feast Family Reunion

The Feast of Esther travels the globe with old friends and family and lives to tell the tale.

Follow Our Journey: To Everything There is a Season

The Torah Scroll from our Judaic collection reflects on its history, memory, and use, and the movement of time and place.

Follow Our Journey: Talking Heads

Our Congregation finds strength in numbers.

Follow Our Journey: Life in the Spotlight

Rodin’s fashion-forward jet-setting “it” couple is looking for something new.

Follow Our Journey: The Lone German

The Kiefer, alone at long last, writes about solitude, materials and uncertainty.

Follow Our Journey: Big Man On Campus

“The Stella” shares the hardship (and pleasure) of being one of the biggest, brightest and most colorful works in the collection.

Follow Our Journey: The Story of the Mosaic

Our Roman Mosaic shares a poetic, long-term perspective on the move to the new building.