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Celebrate Museums and Share a Memory

The NCMA takes part in a world-wide museum celebration May 18.

A Date with Egypt

Ancient Egyptian secrets uncovered: an invitation for kids and families

Golden Boy’s Mysterious Invitation

Puzzle out a secret message from ancient Egypt

Golden Boy’s Guts

Rand describes the unique mount for our Gilded Mummy Covering

This Week in the Egyptian Gallery

The Egyptian Gallery is roped off this week–Caroline gives us the story

Questions from the Galleries

Caroline answers some common questions from the galleries

From Stacey’s Kitchen

Stacey cooks up a new “mummy” for our Golden Boy.

Due to the Sensitive Nature…

Caroline (finally!) tells all about a monumental archeological discovery in Sudan.

Mini-Mummy-Me Goes to Brooklyn

In which a scale model of a mummy mount visits another art museum to get the inside scoop.

Dearest Golden Boy

A love letter to our Golden Boy, from one of his admirers in the Conservation lab