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Arms for Art and Other Shenanigans

Conserving sculpture to tell a story

New in the American Galleries: George Bellows

Intern Laura Fravel introduces a newcomer in the American gallery.

30 Americans: Powerful and Priceless

Nathan considers the power of Priceless

Trotman’s Truth

Intern Laura Ritchie takes a closer look at Bob Trotman’s Inverted Utopias

A Blissful Disregard of Drama

John fills us in on the daring new couple in the American galleries

Playful Pictures Turn Eye on Landscape

The Park Pictures are back; Jen has the details

Rockwell Flirts with Art History

John considers a hidden source for one of Rockwell’s signature paintings.

Thomas Moran’s Mordor

John sheds light on a fire and brimstone sunset in the American gallery

Photography and fantasy

Rebekah discovers Goicolea in the galleries

Of Portraits, Tea Sets & Blog Comments

An interesting comment on the blog sparks curatorial musing.