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Remembering Doc

George on the passing of Doc Watson

Visions of Africa

Melanie reflects on El Anatsui and Africa

Yes, Grown-Ups Are Allowed

Jen Dasal describes kids-at-heart

Lines That Link the Art World

Larry describes the art world buzz around El Anatsui

El Anatsui à la Mode

Natalie sees the fashion in El Anatsui

The Uncrowned Queen Returns

Perry describes a newly-cleaned beauty

How do YOU say…El Anatsui

NCMA staff members present a lighthearted pronunciation guide

Celebrating People in Action

Caterri thanks our awesome volunteers

Old and New

Chad considers a photo of an old Rembrandt billboard

The Nerve: Painting over a Rembrandt

Karen muses on Rembrandt’s Shaded Eyes, and the Dude he once was