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Sharing Moments

Jennifer shares her reflections on the Grand Opening

Thirty-Five Years from the Front Line

As the Museum’s longest-serving employee, Emmett McNeill has seen the Museum through many milestones. He reflects on his 35 years at the NCMA.

Visiting Vollis

Jill hits the road with some colleagues to visit Vollis Simpson and his whirligig workshop.

One Last Look

Last Sunday hundreds of people came for a last look at their favorite works of art before the Big Move to the new building.

Ask a Curator: Your Questions Answered!

Thanks for your responses to our Ask a Curator post. Linda Dougherty, Curator of Contemporary Art, has volunteered to answer the first batch…

Building Roxy Paine

It could be said that “new begets new” at the NCMA. The construction of our new museum building not only necessitates fresh casework and specifically designed lighting systems, but it also has provided us with a unique opportunity to commission original works of art for inclusion in our building and the Museum Park. One of [...]

International Museum Day

In 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) created International Museum Day to “encourage awareness about the role of museums in the development of society.”  Ever since that day museums around the world have been celebrating International Museum Day on or around May 18. Each year a theme is chosen by ICOM and the one [...]

The Bain Project

The Bain Project is the talk of the town this week in the Triangle. For the next two weekends, installations and performances by 12 local artists will be on view in the abandoned E.B. Bain Waterworks–which some have called “the foremost Art-Deco style building in Raleigh.” (Some great photos here and here.) Two of those [...]

An Inside Job

What’s it like being an artist who works at an art museum? It’s certainly not an uncommon occurrence. Every museum I know of has various staff people who are involved with the arts outside of work. The level of involvement varies from those who are committed to being serious artists and promoting their careers to [...]