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The Pond in the Park

Dan gives a quick progress report on the pond project

Deconstructing Siegel

Stacey contemplates the loss of a loved sculpture, and the bits that remain

New Art Billboards in the Park

Jen shares the latest edition of the Park Pictures project

Celebrating a Sustainable Museum

Dan reflects on this 40th Earth Day, and the Museum’s contribution

Project in Progress: Trailmarkers

Jen interviews the artist who’s creating a new interactive art project for the Park.

Visiting Vollis

Jill hits the road with some colleagues to visit Vollis Simpson and his whirligig workshop.

Colors of Progress

Dan reflects on a whole spectrum of progress at the Museum in recent weeks

Billboards in the Park

Artist Jeff Whetstone explores the interrelationships between people and the landscape in his new installation in the Museum Park.

Shorts, T-shirts, and Opera

We are very excited about┬áCasual Classics: Opera and Broadway in the Museum Park.┬áThis will be the first time the OCNC is performing outdoors and it’s a wonderful opportunity to sample opera. (You’ll be surprised how much of the music is familiar…okay, it may be because you heard it in Bugs Bunny cartoons or during a [...]

Building Roxy Paine

It could be said that “new begets new” at the NCMA. The construction of our new museum building not only necessitates fresh casework and specifically designed lighting systems, but it also has provided us with a unique opportunity to commission original works of art for inclusion in our building and the Museum Park. One of [...]