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I Remember Fireflies

Jen describes a new installation in the Park.

Still-Life Memories of Sweden

The latest Park Billboards evoke still life

A Fresh Crop of Park Pictures

Jen checks out the three new works of art in the Park

Park Pictures: Carolyn Janssen

New works of art on the Park billboards

Anthony Goicolea: Park Pictures

Jen describes Anthony Goicolea’s massive billboard photographs in the Park

The Valentiner Files: Art and Nature

John discovers a gem from Dr. Valentiner, our first Director.

Playful Pictures Turn Eye on Landscape

The Park Pictures are back; Jen has the details

The Contemporary Art Whirl

Linda reports back on contemporary art in Brazil

Inspiration for Perspiration

Meghan enjoys a run through the Museum Park

The Pond in the Park

Dan gives a quick progress report on the pond project