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Early Nights at the Movies

With our outdoor movie series coming up on its 25th anniversary, and with the welcome introduction of our digital projection system this summer, we thought readers might like to know about the NCMA’s role in pioneering outdoor cinema in the Triangle. Joseph Covington, former director of the Museum’s Education Department and visionary implementer of the [...]

I Remember Fireflies

Jen describes a new installation in the Park.

Still-Life Memories of Sweden

The latest Park Billboards evoke still life

A Fresh Crop of Park Pictures

Jen checks out the three new works of art in the Park

Park Pictures: Carolyn Janssen

New works of art on the Park billboards

Anthony Goicolea: Park Pictures

Jen describes Anthony Goicolea’s massive billboard photographs in the Park

The Valentiner Files: Art and Nature

John discovers a gem from Dr. Valentiner, our first Director.

Playful Pictures Turn Eye on Landscape

The Park Pictures are back; Jen has the details

The Contemporary Art Whirl

Linda reports back on contemporary art in Brazil

Inspiration for Perspiration

Meghan enjoys a run through the Museum Park