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Top Posts of 2009

If blog posts were songs, these would be 2009′s Greatest Hits.

Fb 1k

Hooray! We welcomed our 1000th Facebook Fan this week. Thanks everybody!

Facebook: Better Than Santa…Almost

It’s like Christmas every morning at my desk. Okay, maybe not quite as exhilarating as presents, carols, and egg nog, but pretty close. Once I get into work I settle in, get my cup of coffee, turn on the computer and log on to Facebook. (Jealous? I’m lucky to have a job where, not only [...]

Pixelating Feininger

I like to think the subtle blocks of color at the top of the blog and the main site–nestled there under the logo–work on some subliminal level to connect people to the Museum and to our collection. Where do those colors come from? Here’s the secret: take an image of one of the Museum’s most [...]

What is Untitled?

Something without a title (I’m not afraid of stating the obvious.) The title of an artwork which has no title (a little silly perhaps), given by an art museum and often followed by a short description that simplifies paperwork The title of an artwork, given by an artist who seeks to free the viewer from [...]