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More Than a Tag Line

The Design Department is on the move.

Let the Countdown Begin!

Director Larry Wheeler describes the Museum’s upcoming transformation.


New York fashion week is filled with models. Some of them (like Iman and Christy) rise to the status of supermodel. Here at the Museum, we have our own supermodel.

Art, Tradition & Memory

The legacy of a master craftsman from the mountains of North Carolina lives on in the Museum’s sleek new building.

Museum Orphans!

Yes, the museum has orphans. As we begin our migration into the new building the museum has been creating a number of orphans. Much of our case work that houses the Museum’s extensive objects collection is several decades old and is being updated, refurbished, and restyled for the beautiful new gallery environments. But out of an [...]

Building Roxy Paine

It could be said that “new begets new” at the NCMA. The construction of our new museum building not only necessitates fresh casework and specifically designed lighting systems, but it also has provided us with a unique opportunity to commission original works of art for inclusion in our building and the Museum Park. One of [...]

Like Snowflakes in a Blizzard

Moving the permanent collection into a brand new building begs for new casework to put the objects onto and into. The aesthetic of the new building is sleek and modern, and this dictates the style of casework. The new cases are similar to our existing cases by just enough to refurbish many and yet different [...]

Aluminum Skin

If you’d like to see the new building in the nude, act fast. The anodized aluminum panels that will cover the exterior walls are going up right now. (Some have said the bare concrete made the building  look like a warehouse; I’ll agree it was a bit Brutalist.) I’m eager to see what the aluminum [...]

Green is the Color of Your Art Museum

It was a thrill to announce to the media on Tuesday that the new 127,000 square foot gallery building will be very energy efficient–well beyond typical engineering standards, which gives us the “green” light to register for LEED certification (I’m hoping it will be at the gold level). In addition to exceptional energy efficiencies, the [...]

Green Machine

Behold, the mighty stone thrower. Here’s a quick video clip showing the monster machine shooting a rock base into the giant cistern alongside our new building. (You can also check it out it high definition.) The cistern is an important part of our campus-wide environmental sustainability program including water conservation, storm water management and energy [...]