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Installing Askew

In which thousands of photos become a lyrical documentation of a new commissioned sculpture

Follow Our Journey: New Stories to Tell

The Mosaic meets the Kiefer and waxes poetic once again

Share your Faces and Places with the NCMA

Take part in a huge photo installation at our Grand Opening—find out how.

Follow Our Journey: Talking Heads

Our Congregation finds strength in numbers.

Follow Our Journey: Life in the Spotlight

Rodin’s fashion-forward jet-setting “it” couple is looking for something new.

Follow Our Journey: Big Man On Campus

“The Stella” shares the hardship (and pleasure) of being one of the biggest, brightest and most colorful works in the collection.

Colors of Progress

Dan reflects on a whole spectrum of progress at the Museum in recent weeks

Follow Our Journey: The Story of the Mosaic

Our Roman Mosaic shares a poetic, long-term perspective on the move to the new building.

From the Director

The hanging of the first work of art in the new building inspires anticipation, and a moment of reflection.

If These Walls Could Talk

Each work of art has its own story. And in the coming months a new series here on the blog will give an imaginative look at what the art might say if given the chance.