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Trotman’s Truth

Intern Laura Ritchie takes a closer look at Bob Trotman’s Inverted Utopias

The Gift: Faces and Places

Ailsa gives us the story behind “The Cube”

Installing Ogromna

See time-lapse video of Ursula von Rydingsvard’s monumental sculpture emerge from the ground

Sharing Moments

Jennifer shares her reflections on the Grand Opening

Celebrating a Sustainable Museum

Dan reflects on this 40th Earth Day, and the Museum’s contribution

Choose Your Own Grand Opening Adventure

Personalized Festival itineraries to inspire your plans for the big weekend

It’s Already Yours

Fleeting impressions of the new gallery building…roll video

Installing Congregation

See time-lapse video of artist Ledelle Moe assembling her Congregation in the new building

New Ways of Looking…and Listening

Angie shares a clip from a new kind of audio tour

Experience The Thinker

Karen finds a poet in The Thinker, the latest addition to the Museum plaza.