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Of Portraits, Tea Sets & Blog Comments

An interesting comment on the blog sparks curatorial musing.

New Ways of Looking…and Listening

Angie shares a clip from a new kind of audio tour

Share your Faces and Places with the NCMA

Take part in a huge photo installation at our Grand Opening—find out how.

Visiting Vollis

Jill hits the road with some colleagues to visit Vollis Simpson and his whirligig workshop.

Kiosk Art

Next time you’re in the Museum Park, check out the new collaborative artwork in the kiosk (map). The four Park-inspired collages were created by the Adventure Seekers–a group of 7-12 year olds from the Museum’s Track-Out program. (Super-extra bonus points for creative use of colored duct tape.)

Visitor Voices: Congregation

Rocquel Erman, a Chatham County teacher reflects on Ledelle Moe’s Congregation: This summer while attending a workshop entitled The Art of Collaboration at the North Carolina Museum of Art, I wandered over to a bench, sat down, and quickly became mesmerized by two women that appeared to work at the museum. One was dressed casually [...]

Two from the Vault

Art handlers brought two NCMA works out of hiding today for a special group of students from Perry Harrison School in Chatham County. Thomas Sully’s portrait of Udney Maria Blakely (1830) and the silver tea and coffee service (1818-19) made for her by silversmith Anthony Rasch have been off view since the American galleries were [...]