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Rockwell Flirts with Art History

John considers a hidden source for one of Rockwell’s signature paintings.

Our Own Dr. Kanof

John celebrates the contributions of the founder of our Judaic collection.

Thomas Moran’s Mordor

John sheds light on a fire and brimstone sunset in the American gallery

A New Calling

Laurie takes an audio plunge into the NCMA collection

New Art Billboards in the Park

Jen shares the latest edition of the Park Pictures project

Questions from the Galleries

Caroline answers some common questions from the galleries

Of Portraits, Tea Sets & Blog Comments

An interesting comment on the blog sparks curatorial musing.

Experience The Thinker

Karen finds a poet in The Thinker, the latest addition to the Museum plaza.

Project in Progress: Trailmarkers

Jen interviews the artist who’s creating a new interactive art project for the Park.

Due to the Sensitive Nature…

Caroline (finally!) tells all about a monumental archeological discovery in Sudan.