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Remembering through Contemporary Art

Jen reflects on September 11

Revisiting the Thing in the Window

John circles back to the site of an earlier post on our O’Keeffe

A Date with Egypt

Ancient Egyptian secrets uncovered: an invitation for kids and families

Golden Boy’s Mysterious Invitation

Puzzle out a secret message from ancient Egypt

Trotman’s Truth

Intern Laura Ritchie takes a closer look at Bob Trotman’s Inverted Utopias

The Valentiner Files: Art and Nature

John discovers a gem from Dr. Valentiner, our first Director.

A Blissful Disregard of Drama

John fills us in on the daring new couple in the American galleries

Playful Pictures Turn Eye on Landscape

The Park Pictures are back; Jen has the details

The Contemporary Art Whirl

Linda reports back on contemporary art in Brazil

Prizewinning Sculpture On View

Jen describes a new sculpture in the Wheeler Garden