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A Baroque Papal Medallion in North Carolina

(first of three parts) Recently I wrote about the Museum’s small exhibition of two remarkable objects resurrected from storage: Pier Leone Ghezzi’s painting Pope Benedict XIII Presiding over the Provincial Roman Synod of 1725 and a handsome bronze medallion with portrait of Pope Clement X in relief. Both works are from the baroque period, when [...]

Motherwell’s Mistakes

The Checkered Skirt—recently back on view in the Museum’s Modern and Contemporary galleries—belongs to a group of abstract figure paintings that Robert Motherwell created in the late 1940s through a deliberate process of trial and error. The artist would begin a painting without any preconceived idea of what the final composition should look like and [...]

Letter from Berlin, Part 1

Indian Fantasy, Marsden Hartley’s ecstatic dream of a Native American paradise and one of the glories of the Museum’s modern collection, is 100 years old this summer. Unfortunately, the party will have to be held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where the painting is featured in a brilliant exhibition, Marsden Hartley: The [...]

A Clear Look at Ancient Glass

In September I invited Janet Jones to come take a look at the ancient glass vessels in the NCMA’s holdings. Dr. Jones is a professor at Bucknell University, a graduate of the UNC–Chapel Hill, an archaeologist, and—more important—an expert on ancient glass. Janet closely examined the all the vessels in our collection, those we normally [...]

Where Did Bacchus Go?

Caroline introduces a fresh look at a classical sculpture

I Remember Fireflies

Jen describes a new installation in the Park.

Three New Judaic Acquisitions

John shares excitement for new Judaic acquisitions

Arms for Art and Other Shenanigans

Conserving sculpture to tell a story

Hanukkah Lamp

John describes timely changes in the Judaic gallery

The Last Sleep

Laura describes a 19th century classic.