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A Trip to the Doctor for Our Mummy

Curators and conservators get a rare look inside an object from the Egyptian Collection.

Chaperoning Giotto

Conservator Perry Hurt describes traveling from Rome to Raleigh with a priceless altarpiece in tow.

Mending Wounds in the Judaic Collection

Hard questions confront the curators when dealing with a prominent example of Judaic art.

Cleaning Sargent

I never tire of watching years of grime come off the surface of a painting. I’ve seen it many times, but it’s still magic.

What is dust?

I caught up with Conservation Technician Stacey Kirby in the galleries this morning, brush in hand, dusting the sculpture. cw: How often do you dust the sculptures in the galleries? sk: Every two weeks cw: What is one of your favorite pieces to dust in the Contemporary Gallery? sk: The Bob Trotman (Girl, 2003.1). It [...]

Art Day 2009

Saturday May 9th was Art Day at the Museum. Art Day is generally held once or twice a year and allows the public to bring for curators and conservators to look at a maximum of three works of art about which they would like more information. This year, curatorial study stations were set up in [...]

Washing Henry Moore

There’s nothing like a brisk shower to make you feel new again. A glance out my window helped me realize that applies to works of art too. Our Henry Moore sculpture, Large Spindle Piece, currently sits on the roof of the Museum just below my office window. Odd place to display art, huh? It’s actually [...]