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Motherwell’s Mistakes

The Checkered Skirt—recently back on view in the Museum’s Modern and Contemporary galleries—belongs to a group of abstract figure paintings that Robert Motherwell created in the late 1940s through a deliberate process of trial and error. The artist would begin a painting without any preconceived idea of what the final composition should look like and [...]

Where Did Bacchus Go?

Caroline introduces a fresh look at a classical sculpture

A Hair-Raising Experience

Perry reveals the secrets of Elizabethan hairstyles for men

A Scott Family Who’s Who: The Mystery, Magic, and Scholarship of the Scott-Jacobean Project

Perry digs into history to discover the sitters behind our English portraits.

A Study in Paint

Leah Thomas starts some detective work on a fascinating group of portraits.

Sir John, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Perry digs into a painting and finds a garden

Great Scotts!

Perry explores our long-lost family of Scots

The Uncrowned Queen Returns

Perry describes a newly-cleaned beauty

Imitation, the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Perry makes a model of an El Anatsui

Installing El Anatsui

Timelapse view of conservators and art handlers installing a wall sculpture