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Lincoln and the War of Ideas

Nathan finds links to Lincoln in the American galleries

Glory: Behind the Story

Nathan connects summer movies to the permanent collection

Steinhardt Collection of Judaica

John describes a recent triumph for the Judaic art gallery

A Scott Family Who’s Who: The Mystery, Magic, and Scholarship of the Scott-Jacobean Project

Perry digs into history to discover the sitters behind our English portraits.

A Study in Paint

Leah Thomas starts some detective work on a fascinating group of portraits.

Watering the Horses

John ponders oddity in American paintings

Hearst’s Other Castle

Laura’s research connects our Copley to the real Citizen Kane

Harpo’s Benton

Laura connects our Benton to Harpo Marx

Saint-Gaudens Bronze Reinstalled

John describes a rare find, lovingly framed in the American gallery

Beyoncé, Borrowing, and the Beast

Catherine connects pop culture and contemporary photography