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Depicting the Papacy in Late Baroque Rome

Recently the Museum unveiled a small exhibition comprising just two works of art: Pier Leone Ghezzi’s monumental painting of a provincial synod (ecclesiastical council) convoked by Pope Benedict XIII Orsini in the cathedral of Rome during the Jubilee of 1725, and a sumptuous bronze medallion with profile portrait of Pope Clement X Altieri (pope 1670–76), [...]

The Story behind Harpo’s Benton

A few months back I spoke to Bill Marx, son of Harpo Marx, about his father’s purchase of Thomas Hart Benton’s Spring on the Missouri (1946). Bill let me know about a sketch for the painting—previously unknown to scholars—that the artist had sent his father. This past December, with the generous help of NCMA Trustee [...]

Where Did Bacchus Go?

Caroline introduces a fresh look at a classical sculpture

Three New Judaic Acquisitions

John shares excitement for new Judaic acquisitions

A Hair-Raising Experience

Perry reveals the secrets of Elizabethan hairstyles for men

Arms for Art and Other Shenanigans

Conserving sculpture to tell a story

Hanukkah Lamp

John describes timely changes in the Judaic gallery

The Last Sleep

Laura describes a 19th century classic.

Medusa Mystery

Laura tackles one of the most enigmatic paintings in the collection

Three Elements

Intern Sarah Parks reflects on minimalist sculpture