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Michael Klauke is the Assistant Registrar for Collections at the North Carolina Museum of Art, where he has worked for almost 22 years. He studied art at Palm Beach Junior College in Lake Worth, FL, and at UNC-Chapel Hill, and is a two-time recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council Visual Artists Fellowship. When he’s not being a Registrar or working on his own art, you’ll find him spending time with his wife and son, walking the local greenways, reading, or practicing his guitar (and those who have heard him play will attest that he needs all the practice he can get). Occasionally he finds time to sleep.

An Inside Job

What’s it like being an artist who works at an art museum? It’s certainly not an uncommon occurrence. Every museum I know of has various staff people who are involved with the arts outside of work. The level of involvement varies from those who are committed to being serious artists and promoting their careers to [...]