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Kathryn Briggs is the Exhibition Production Assistant. She earned a BFA from East Carolina University in sculpture. Since then has spent the last 20 years designing and building exhibits for everything from visitor centers, to trade shows, science centers, children’s museums and now fine art at NCMA.

All the Materials

Kathryn examines El’s material thinking

Masters among Us

Kathryn describes Self, Observed

30 Americans: A Story Told Well

Kathryn walks through 30 Americans

More Than a Tag Line

The Design Department is on the move.


New York fashion week is filled with models. Some of them (like Iman and Christy) rise to the status of supermodel. Here at the Museum, we have our own supermodel.

Like Snowflakes in a Blizzard

Moving the permanent collection into a brand new building begs for new casework to put the objects onto and into. The aesthetic of the new building is sleek and modern, and this dictates the style of casework. The new cases are similar to our existing cases by just enough to refurbish many and yet different [...]