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Jen Dasal is Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art and has spent the last ten years of her life progressively moving eastward. She earned her B.A. in art history at the University of California, Davis, before heading to Notre Dame (Go Irish!) to earn her M.A. in art history. After a quick stint at a Hollywood art gallery rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Leonard Nimoy, Warren Beatty and Ringo Starr, she moved to Pennsylvania to pursue her Ph.D. before deciding to head south to join the NCMA. It’s a good thing she’s stopped here, or else she would have ended up in the Atlantic Ocean. E-mail her anytime to talk about nineteenth-century women artists, the Beatles, or the joy of coupons.

Prizewinning Sculpture On View

Jen describes a new sculpture in the Wheeler Garden

New Art Billboards in the Park

Jen shares the latest edition of the Park Pictures project

Project in Progress: Trailmarkers

Jen interviews the artist who’s creating a new interactive art project for the Park.

Patrick’s Sticks

Patrick Dougherty’s new installation brings art and nature together in a new space.

Billboards in the Park

Artist Jeff Whetstone explores the interrelationships between people and the landscape in his new installation in the Museum Park.

Documentary Consumerism: Brian Ulrich

Brian Ulrich’s photograph in the Modern and Contemporary Galleries sparks an exploration of consumerism and art.

Ask a Curator: Your Questions Answered!

Thanks for your responses to our Ask a Curator post. Linda Dougherty, Curator of Contemporary Art, has volunteered to answer the first batch…

Ask a Curator

At the North Carolina Museum of Art, things are always busy in the Curatorial Department. We’re writing catalogues and handbooks, performing research on the permanent collection, dreaming up potential exhibitions, and combing the art world for future acquisitions (and donors too!). Are you curious about the day-to-day aspects of a curator’s job? Do you have [...]

Building Roxy Paine

It could be said that “new begets new” at the NCMA. The construction of our new museum building not only necessitates fresh casework and specifically designed lighting systems, but it also has provided us with a unique opportunity to commission original works of art for inclusion in our building and the Museum Park. One of [...]