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Jill Taylor is an educator at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She studied Art History and English at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill way before she got her Master’s degree in English from North Carolina State University. In other words, she is living proof that you can find a job with degrees in English and Art History. When she’s at the Museum, her main focus is the Art of Collaboration, an arts-integration partnership with middle schools. She can chat with you about the unique virtues of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, how to use a work of art to teach students about developments in technology, and the results of last night’s hockey game.

Visiting Vollis

Jill hits the road with some colleagues to visit Vollis Simpson and his whirligig workshop.

Two from the Vault

Art handlers brought two NCMA works out of hiding today for a special group of students from Perry Harrison School in Chatham County. Thomas Sully’s portrait of Udney Maria Blakely (1830) and the silver tea and coffee service (1818-19) made for her by silversmith Anthony Rasch have been off view since the American galleries were [...]