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Recipe: Blueberry Zinfandel Sorbet

It’s blueberry season in North Carolina! These little gems are such a darling summer fruit―powdery, pop-able, useful in so many things from popsicles to barbecue sauce to smoothies. Their abundance in July and August sends me into a Pinterest whirlwind, pinning wildly to find as many ways to use them as possible—even tie-dye! They stain [...]

Recipe: Sweet Potato Scallion Biscuits

A recipe from Jennifer Armstrong Hicks, pastry chef at the NCMA’s Iris restaurant Jen notes: “This savory biscuit is the base of our famous Oak City Benedict. Since ramps are coming into season (and they’re so fleeting), it might be fun to use those in place of the scallions if you can come by them.” [...]